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Experience any of my treatments in the comfort of your own home, office and hotel room.

A wide range of massages right to your door..

In as little as 45 minutes across Bournemouth and surrounding areas!

Now Genetic Make offers a wide range of massage right to your door in as little as 45 minutes across Bournemouth and surrounding.

My attention to detail and passion for providing a five-star experience is at the heart of my service.

With the convenience of my real-time booking platform, you can book any of my services instantly.

I am looking forward to seeing you


Using only amazing blends of aromatherapy oils, soyabean and Wheatgerm and 32 types of pure essential oils by Nikura. All of my luxurious massage treatments include the choice of one of these fantastic & exclusive aroma massage oil.


If you can’t find what you need on my website or you have any special request or requirements, please get in touch to see how I can help

HOME - Office - Hotel Room SERVICE

I will arrive at your home, office or Hotel Room with everything needed to perform the massage.

From high quality, comfortable massage tables, fresh cleaned towels, organic aromatherapy oils, relaxing music and candles.

Quality of service, privacy and discretion are paramount. I have a fully managed service available on the following days.

Sports Massage

40 Minutes - £48.00

60 Minutes - £70.00


Sports massage involves manipulation and exercises to release stiffness and to help to get back the flexibility. It’s most commonly performed to help with pain relief, increase range of motion , flexibility, and blood flow, as well as reduce anxiety, prevent relief, specifically from delayed onset of muscle soreness. It’s fast paced, firm, and involves both stretching and the act or trigger points.

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Deep Tissue

45 Minutes - £45.00

60 Minutes - £65.00

90 Minutes - £85.00

A selected aroma oil according to your concerns will work on the aching muscles and ease the stress, giving you relaxation, detox and re-balance. The flowing massage works deeperinto the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. The massage pressure can be adapted to medium, however this is generally a firm style massage to work deeper into the muscles.

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Swedish Massage

45 Minutes - £42.00

60 Minutes - £55.00

90 Minutes - £75.00

A classic massage using various Swedish massage techniques that are designed to improve circulation, soothe your muscles and make you feel more relaxed. This is a light to medium style pressure massage that can be adapted to suit, however if you require a firm, deep pressure massage we recommend you book a Deep Tissue Massage.

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Genetic Wellbeing Massage

45 Minutes - £48.00

60 Minutes - £75.00

90 Minutes - £85.00

This is a truly relaxing medium pressure massage, with a choice of 3 Essences to choose from. Each essence has been designed for a different mood, so whether you need to settle your mind, restore your harmony, quiet and relax your body, or bring things into a sharp focus, these scientific blends will tune you back in.

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Genetic Makeup Mother to be Massage

45 Minutes - £48.00

60 Minutes - £65.00

90 Minutes - £90.00

Good for mum and baby from the first trimester. This massage helps relieve back tension, swollen hands and feet. Eases the mind and lifts the spirit. Recommended 1 treatment every week. A - Pressure can be adapted from light to medium depending on needs.

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Here's what others say:

I've had years of massage therapy from a variety of people but two sessions from Francesca made a world of difference. She had thought about my condition and really been creative in what to offer as a solution. She was very professional and experienced. If I lived closer I would be there regularly as she had more impact in two sessions than anyone else has had over months of treatment.

By: C T

Francesca is lovely and know her stuff. I will definitely be visting her again.

By: J T

Francesca is an excellent massage therapist. She is surprisingly strong and really finds the area of dysfunction and frees off any tension, I recommend her treatments

By: V R

The facial and head massage was so relaxing. Really needed the hair oil in the massage as my hair was so dry. Hope to book again soon.

By: T H

Fantastic as usualm extremely relaxing after a stressful day, throughly enjoy my body massage with Franesca. Went in wound up, came out very chilled!

By: A B

Really lovely and relaxed many thanks Francesca!

By: S D

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